The Henry Tayali Art Gallery is home to authentic Zambian art.

The gallery is permanently located on Lion Lane in the Lusaka Showgrounds, and was officially opened in 1995.

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday         08:00hrs to 17:00hrs

Saturday – Sunday     10:00hrs to 16:30hrs

15 thoughts on “The Henry Tayali Gallery

  1. Good day. I have a friend who is looking to develop his skills as an artist( specifically in drawing and possibly painting)and make it a career. He is talented and I would like to link him up to some experienced artists who can mentor him and help him get recognised. It would also be nice if he could join some art club where he can share ideas with like-minded people. I will appreciate any assistance you can give in form of contact details of anyone you might know and places that might match my description.Your feedback will be appreciated.

  2. Good afternoon, Ladies and gentlemen!

    Greetings from distant Russia. What a pity that relations between our countries have deteriorated somewhat recently. With all our hearts we would like to correct this. We and our children are delighted with Your beautiful museum and dream to visit it. But it is just a dream. We would like to know more about your sights in advance.
    Our children are very talented. Maria draws. Ivan is engaged in artistic wood carving. Lera and Anna embroidered satin stitch and cross-stitch. And the older girls Galya, Katya and Zoe help with the housework.
    We often do exhibitions of Souvenirs made by the hands of our children. After the exhibition, most of the Souvenirs are sold to save money for the trip.
    We are a large family and do not often have access to the Internet, so please send us help in the form of sightseeing schemes and tourist routes.
    If possible – send for children some nice souvenir: a badge, a magnet, a Patch with emblem or something of your choice.
    The children Will be very grateful to you.
    We, in turn, can send you and your friends Souvenirs made by the hands of our children.

    Thanks in advance, best wishes

    SHishkin Sergej
    442895 Russia Penzenskaya obl, g Serdobsk, Krasnaya ul, 37

  3. Long live the history,more to come, and mey God send angeles to protect the history, through Jesus.

  4. Good day ,
    How can I get membership , I’m painter based in Lusaka.

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