Current Exhibition




23RD JUNE – 7TH JULY, 2017

My Ganizo is derived from the word Maganizo a term I borrowed from my tribal cousins (Nyanja) and in the English language this can be referred to as a human process of  being  thoughtful, meditative, pensive, wistful and reflective on any of our human choices. I choose My Ganizo in a positive sense, as my thought process expressed through traditional motifs, patterns, idealism, symbolism from the culture where I came from. My cultural perspective flows through this channel and let it out to be shared with the public. Developing concepts has been my journey dealing with stereotyped identities that have constituted the basis of my work and developed to the current style as displayed in this exhibition. This style of work is focused on the aesthetic and excellence of the antiquity of African motifs helping me produce works full of designs. This helps me to schematically depict individuals or groups with very few peculiar characteristic features but which says a lot about the subject.

I  venture  into this world of tradition modelling with passion in masks, sculptures  and shadows, these evoke the earthly manner in which my pallet where I draw with colour that have their ancient origin in the village. This new way of painting broke into my cultural consciousness like an epidemic and the main task of this wild style of painting is evidently to serve as an existential safety valve and easy the pressure within. And as long as this is my heritage, I do have my birth right to express the aspect of my culture. I am the extension of the culture in a contemporary context.

About the Artist

I  was born and raised in Mufulira of the  Copperbelt of Zambia. I was educated there and completed my senior Secondary level in 1992 and hold a professional  Diploma in Marketing. In 1998, I joined the National Visual Arts Council which has helped me to widen the horizons of my art career.  I have attended local Workshops and an international workshop organised by Insaka International Artist trust in 2003. In 2002, I was privileged to go to Norway and Uk  for a Photography Fellowship. I won the 2009  Zambia National Ngoma Awards’ “ Henry Tayali Award” the best two dimension. I was one of the pioneer Artists for Chembe Photography Club which was an Affiliate to Zambia National Visual Arts Council, a club whose aim was to promote Photography as a tool in fine art. I have Coordinated and facilitated Photography workshops organised by VAC , Insaka and the National Museum.  From 2000 to 2012, I worked for Zambia National Visual Arts Council as a Photographer, Darkroom Technician and worked in the Documentation department. I am currently working as a full time  painter and Freelance Photographer.


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